Why did I receive a notification saying SonoSuite is claiming my song on YouTube?

claims on behalf of SonoSuite?

By submitting your music to Youtube Content ID, you are sending the audio to the YouTube database, which will generate a fingerprint. Thanks to this footprint, all content that is the same as yours will be detected and claimed by the channel.

This means that anyone who uploads your music (whether you are yourselves or others) will receive this claim, through which the monetization for the reproduction of the audio will be credited to your account of HolaTune  (whoever it is who has uploaded the song).

Claims (YouTube notices) go to SonoSuite, technology developed for HolaTune.

All the money generated by the videos that contain your music will be collected from YouTube and will be paid according to the previous agreement with HolaTune. You can see the benefits generated in the "Sales" section of your distribution account, as with any other digital music store.

If such ownership claim is contested over the audio of the video, the protocol YouTube applies is to stop monetizing until it is resolved. Therefore, it is really important not to contest the claim. If you have contested the claim, please contact us at support@holatune.com so we can remove it.

You can find more information about our YouTube services here.


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