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HolaTune Review 2022

HolaTune is a music distribution service available to independent artists who want to distribute their music all around the globe. It has been utilized by many artists to broaden their music's reach and gain more fans worldwide, You can also do this while earning through the sales of their songs.

1. Terms/Plans


You can avail of the free plan or the premium plan according to your financial capability. Understandably, the premium plan offers more services than the free membership. You may want to start with the free plan to gain more traction. Eventually, you can shift to the premium plan as your income grows.

2. Platform is Easy to Use

Hence, you can quickly change plans according to your needs. Its flexibility is one superb advantage of HolaTune. There are no hidden charges like other platforms who claim that it's free but later on charges you with its other services; unless, you level up for the premium account. But, the fees for the premium package are affordable.

If you want to keep your advertising costs down, but still enjoy the range of services that a distribution platform provides, HolaTune is the best platform for you.

Newbies will find HolaTune a good platform as it's easy to use even for them. There are no complicated procedures that one has to go through. You can easily share your music with the platform, regardless of your technical capability.

In instances when you still have unanswered questions, the platform has a forum where users can discuss their problems. The FAQ feature provides answers to many of your questions too.

3. Quick Release of Your Music

You have the option to choose the release date of your songs. If you don't, then HolaTune will release it within 24 to 48 hours in more than 200 stores (including China) with the most popular sites, such as Google Play, iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

4. Strong Support System

you can expect a strong support system that can help you out during your journey in promoting your music. You can reach them 24/7 via email or you can use their ticketing system.


As a new artist, HolaTune could be the perfect platform for you to reach out to more audiences and worldwide stores. You can try signing up and exploring its advantages to determine if the services are suitable for your needs.

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