Protect and Monetize Your Music and Video on YouTube

                         Earn revenue while easily managing your copyright protection on YouTube


We connect you to a meaningful and growing revenue stream, and proactively seek out opportunities to maximize your found time and earned revenue.

Robust claim support

You'll get the highest standard for accuracy of claims and lightning fast dispute resolution - because we don’t mess around with your reputation.

Dedicated team

You get a dedicated team of genuine experts with decades of experience in copyright management, artist services, and royalty accounting.


We pay on time and to the penny, with unmatched accuracy, lightning fast claim support, and total transparency.

Service Details & Features

  • Earn up 100% of revenue through YouTube monetization 

  • Upload music or video through our effective CMS

  • Collect revenue when your music is used in videos by others

  • Collect revenue when your video is used in videos by others

  • Submit your music to YouTube Music (included)

  • Receive monthly payments and reports

  • You can apply for YouTube Content ID through the HolaTune dashboard


Why HolaTune?